Delivery Information

- The site allows you to receive the goods in Israel and for shipments abroad - by registered mail only (since 5.11.2023).

- The site monitors and is responsible for the mail sent by registered mail, but if the customer chooses to receive the goods by regular mail (before 5.11.2023) - this is done at the sole responsibility of the customer.

- Since the delivery of the stamp material requires special packaging that usually includes cardboard sheets (so that the goods do not wrinkle), the minimum packaging weight will be about 35 grams, the packaging weight from 200 grams up to 2 kg will be calculated according to 120 grams, the packaging weight beyond for 2 kg will be calculated according to 200 gr.

- Shipping pricing is done according to the Israel Post tariff.

- The weight of the goods is calculated according to approximate values (for example, that one postage stamp weight is about 1 gram) and not according to the exact weight.

- Orders will be shipped within 3 business days.