Welcome to www.bulim.co.il!


The site can be used as a catalog of the stamp material from our virtual collection that will be filled and enriched day by day.

In order to use the site as a catalog, select "yes" in the "Catalog" filter. In this case, the highest quality items currently available in the store will be displayed.


To filter the items without cancellation, select the "No" option in the "Cancellation" filter.


For those interested in purchasing high quality items, you can select a suitable option in the "quality" filter.

Low quality items will always appear at a 50% discount and can be characterized by one or another defects.

Stamp number

By sorting by the "stamp number" field, you can get all the items related to a certain stamp.

For the convenience of customers, there are many sorting options according to the following filters: category, subcategory, year, subject, catalog number, name of the locality, denomination, currency name, designer, special item.

It is also possible to filter according to the stock status by using the "All Categories" bar.

Have a nice work!