Terms & Conditions

1. Welcome to the website of the store bulim.co.il.

2. These regulations regulate the conditions for use of the website of bulim.co.il (hereinafter: "the regulations" or the terms of use or the purchase conditions).

3. The viewing and use and purchase of the website are subject to all provisions of the regulations and provisions of any law.

4. The user of the website confirms by doing so that he has read the regulations and agrees to them and undertakes to act accordingly.

5. bulim.co.il may, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, change from time to time all or part of the provisions of this regulation and any other document that regulates the terms of engagement between its customers and it.

6. The use of the masculine language when writing these regulations is for convenience only and everything stated in it is intended for both women and men. What is said in the singular must be read in the plural according to the case and vice versa.

7. The headings in these regulations are not binding or exhaustive and are intended for convenience only.

8. It is clarified that all the conditions in these regulations are subject to any customary law, including the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and its regulations.

9. It is clarified that if it is determined in the future by a competent authority that an article in these regulations does not comply with the provisions of any law, this will have no effect on the legal issue of other articles in these regulations.

10. Wherever bulim.co.il is listed, this means including the operators of the website, the staff in the stores and anyone on their behalf.


Terms of purchase on the website bulim.co.il

 11. As a rule, purchases made on the website www.bulim.co.il are made through Vladimir Tevelev e.d. 313986119 and whose details are detailed in the end to these regulations.

12. The conditions appearing in these regulations and/or the purchase are subject to the laws of the State of Israel, including the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and the regulations established pursuant to it, and in any case of a conflict, the provisions of law prevail.

13. Ordering via the Internet: You can order products via the business's website by filling out an order request form (after adding the product to the shopping cart on the website). After the order has been checked by a sales representative, you will be sent a message and/or email confirming that the order has been placed. In cases where the need arises, the sales representative will contact you by phone. The order is valid only after issuing an invoice and making a payment. Simply filling in the details and placing the order on the website does not constitute a transaction.

14. For the avoidance of doubt, the number of delivery days will apply only after the transaction has been approved by bulim.co.il and actual payment has been received.

15. Pen error - a price that is extremely high and/or extremely low than the usual average price has been published and/or a product that no longer exists has been published and/or a specification and/or a video/photo for illustration in which a typo and/or error has occurred will be bulim.co.il may cancel the transaction subject to notice to the buyer. If payment is received, the buyer will receive a refund immediately.

16. The images on the website are for illustration only, so, for example, the stamps or pairs of stamps with side margin tabs shown on the website can be sent without side margin tabs unless otherwise specified. Numbering done on the back of the product (for example, an envelope) with an erasable pencil will not constitute a defect and is intended for the purpose of stock organization only.

17. Low quality items will always appear at a 50% discount and can be characterized by one or another defects. These items may differ from the image shown.

18. The length of stamp tabs is approximate and may vary depending on the printing series.

19. www.bulim.co.il reserves the right to announce special sales, to determine their validity, to shorten or extend them from time to time, among others, for stock considerations and all according to law.

20. Deliveries are made through the Israel Post Company Ltd. only and are subject to the terms and delivery times accepted by the Israel Post Company only. bulim.co.il does not commit to a specific delivery time.

21. Shipping cost: The shipping cost is as indicated on the website and is in addition to the cost of the order itself unless specifically stated otherwise.

22. The weight of the packaging: since the delivery of the stamp material requires special packaging that usually includes cardboard sheets (so that the goods do not wrinkle), the minimum weight of the packaging will be about 35 grams, the weight of the packaging starting from 200 grams and up to 2 kg will be calculated according to 120 grams ', the weight of the package over 2 kg will be calculated according to 200 gr.

23. The weight of the products: The weight of the products is calculated according to approximate values (for example, one ball stick is about 1 gram) and not according to the exact weight.

24. The payment options when ordering: You can pay using the bit app, PayBox, the PayPal payment system or by credit cards using the PayPal payment system. There is a 5% PayPal fee.

25. The day on which confirmation of the transfer was received (usually one business day after the transfer) is the date the days of preparation for delivery will begin to count.

26. Unpaid orders will be canceled after 24 hours.

27. When placing an order on the website, you can pay in cash if this has been agreed upon in advance with the business and the delivery of the product will be done in person and not through Israel Post.

28. Delivery of products purchased on the website: bulim.co.il will work to prepare the product for delivery by Israel Post within 3 business days from the date of receipt of confirmation of payment transfer. For the avoidance of doubt, business days are Sunday through Thursday excluding Friday, Saturday, holiday eves, holidays and Sabbath days. During the delivery of the product, it may be required to present an official identification document with a photo and whose details match the details of the recipient for whom the delivery is intended.

29. In order to pick up the order from the pick-up point in Israel, you must present an ID/license/passport issued in Israel.

30. Proprietary rights and trademarks - all property rights and intellectual property on the site, including its design, software, applications, computer code, graphic files, images, videos, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on the site and/or related to it, are its sole property of bulim.co.il and will not use them except with the approval of bulim.co.il. The trademarks may not be used unless permission has been given in advance and in writing by bulim.co.il.

31. The stamp material has been approved for publication on the website courtesy of the Stamp Service - Israel Post.

32. There is no warranty for all the products advertised on the website bulim.co.il.


Transaction cancellation policy that was carried out on the website of bulim.co.il

33. A purchase through the website is a distance sales transaction as detailed in Sections 14(c)(1), 14(d), 14c1, 14(e)a and (b) of the Consumer Protection Law, 5711 1981 (hereinafter: the Consumer Protection Law the consumer).

34. Cancellation of a distance sales transaction will be possible in accordance with the conditions specified in the above law sections and which are summarized below for convenience. For the avoidance of doubt, in any case of a conflict between the summary and the provisions of the law, the provisions of the law shall prevail.

35. A customer will be entitled to cancel a transaction he made on the website www.bulim.co.il if 14 days have not passed since receiving the product or a document detailing the details of the transaction, whichever is later, through:

       A. Contact by letter to the address listed in the contact information.

       B. Contact by email that appears in the detail

36. A consumer who is disabled, a senior citizen (age 65 or older) or a new immigrant will be entitled to cancel a transaction within 4 months from the dates specified in section 30.

37. A customer who requests to cancel a transaction due to a defect that exists in the product he received or due to a discrepancy between the advertised and the capabilities of the actual product will receive his full money back. Also, the customer will be refunded the shipping fees for returning the product to the business via registered mail.

38. In case of cancellation of a transaction that is not due to a defect in the product, a cancellation fee of 5% or NIS 100 will apply, whichever is the lower amount. Also, the customer will bear the shipping fees for returning the product to the business.

39. The refund will be made after 14 days and only if the product has been returned to www.bulim.co.il.

40. We will not allow the cancellation of a transaction in cases where according to the law the right of cancellation does not apply, including:

       A. Loss goods.

       B. Goods that are produced especially for the consumer following the transaction.

    C. A product from which the original sticker with the identification number has been removed from its packaging by the manufacturer or bulim.co.il.


Ways of contacting the management of bulim.co.il:

Address for sending mail: Vladimir Tevelev, 33/39 Yizrael str, Nof haGalil, 1758511 Israel

Email address: info@bulim.co.il

WhatsApp phone: 050-506-5539